Herbal Supplements to Treat Anxiety

Herbal supplements are considered an effective alternative to modern medicines. Many herbal treatments studied in the past as alternative cures for anxiety, but additional analysis is needed to understand the possible risks and rewards. Here’s what we know and don’t understand.

Herbs May be Effective at Treating Anxiety

Physicians often prescribe the most popular herbal remedies as an anxiety remedy. Often used as a stand-alone treatment for anxiety, some people take them together with prescription medication for other ailments such as depression, high blood pressure, or arthritis. While many of these herbs may be effective at treating anxiety, the most common ones have little to no side effects. While herbal supplements may be safe, there is still some risk involved with their use. The most common herbal supplement used to treat anxiety is Valerian, a long history of being used as an insomnia medication, a natural sleep aid.

Valerian’s Effect on Anxiety

However, recent research on Valerian’s effect on anxiety shows brain chemical changes related to worry. It can make someone more anxious during the day and less anxious at night. Although there is no evidence to assist the claims made about this herb, it does have a lengthy history of being used as alternative medicine.

Chamomile to Treat Panic Attacks

Another familiar herbal supplement used to treat panic attacks is chamomile. This herb is also known to relieve insomnia. Chamomile is not a natural herb; it is, in fact, a synthetic version of a natural herb, and therefore can not be classified as an herbal supplement at all. Chamomile may improve anxiety by increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain. When these levels increase, the body is more responsive to everyday physical and emotional stressors, helping a person cope with stress.

Herbal Supplements to Treat Anxiety

However, while many herbal supplements used to treat anxiety have shown promising results in some cases, many studies have shown that using these supplements alone are not very useful. There is also the possibility of interactions between certain herbal supplements and certain prescription medications, causing unwanted side effects. If you are considering herbal supplements to treat your anxiety, it is a good idea to speak to a licensed doctor about the potential risks and consequences of taking them.