Men with Small Members Can Increase Penis Size and Girth With This Unique Herbal Supplement

The University of Kentucky conducted a recent study of more than 14,000 adult men to uncover the question if they were happy with the size of their penis or wished they had a bigger one.

The results of the study showed that 45% of men wish they had a larger size penis than what they currently had – no matter how big they were at the time.

Is Penis Enlargement Surgery the Best Option?

Some men were found to have Penoplasty, a penis enlargement surgery, as a result, to compensate for the issue of a small penis a few were actually happy with the results of surgery and gained a boost of confidence in the dong department, but guys this is an extreme measure and there may be a better option out there for you, we think we uncovered one method below.

The research in just about every study on penis size shows that the average adult male penis ranges from under five inches to just under six inches at an erect state.

Is Penis Dysmorphic Syndrome a real Issue for Men?

Penis Dysmorphic Syndrome is a disorder many men suffer from who think their penis is too small have and would be better off before going under the knife to see a licensed psychiatrist discuss their issue.

We have found 3 easy solutions to getting a bigger penis size and it’s easier than you think.

Lots of men are obsessed with the length of their dong, use these tips below to extend yours.

1. Trim Your Pubes
This is probably the quickest and easiest way you can look larger in seconds. Clipping the bush or pubic hair can make an instant improvement in your junk look even bigger. Grab a pair of clippers, scissors, or even a razor yo shear around the base and top area of your penis to make the appearance of the shaft seem to grow.

2. Lose Your Extra Belly Fat
On oversized bear belly makes the actual size of your member look so much smaller than it is, a large gut can also hamper your sexual efforts making sex positions more difficult. A spare tire can get between you and your partner, it can actually inhibit your penetration by creating extra space that doesn’t allow your penis to reach in places that your partner would like it to. All you have to do is trim down a little. Try going to the gym and eating a bit more cleanly. You might be able to increase your penis size by up to one inch.

3. Take This Unique, New Supplement
Would you take a pill if you could get a bigger penis? Most men would we found a new supplement that works. ExtenZe Boosts the Overall Size Your Penis Can Reach. Extenze Male Enhancement complement accommodates simply the right mixture of herbal complexes, vitamins, and amino acids to enhance the blood waft to the penis. A unique natural combination is behind this brilliant herbal supplement.

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